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Could Bernie actually beat Trump in Pa.?

Sanders's popularity with voters of color could be decisive
By Russ Walker

Could Pennsylvania’s 43K new citizens make the difference in 2020 election?

“Similar to the national story, [the growth of immigrants in Pa.] is really in suburbs."
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Pa. officials worry about new voting machines, new law in 2020 elections

Is Pennsylvania ready for its upcoming April 28 primary?
By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive

Visiting Bucks County’s new ‘Trump Store’ on Presidents Day Weekend

Beyond offering the chance to grab $20 hats and $5 pins, the new shop also served as a gathering space for Trump-supporting conservatives to flaunt their pride without any disruption from left-leaning Democrats.

By Emily Scott/WHYY

Trump aims to win hearts (and votes) of black voters

President's campaign stressing criminal justice reforms
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Mofongo and scrambled eggs: This is not your typical election-year diner story

Reporters often head to diners in election years in search of a certain perspective: white, rural, and deeply-rooted in a small-town way of life. Spend a morning at Mi Casa Su Casa and you’ll find something else — a cross-section of diverse residents working together to put down a new set of shared roots.

By Miles Bryan/Keystone Crossroads

Pa. congressmen in vulnerable seats have posted relatively strong fundraising

Republican Scott Perry and Democrat Matt Cartwright are both considered to be in toss-up races.
By Katie Meyer

Pennsylvanians can now apply online to vote by mail, without an excuse

The new application website comes courtesy of Act 77, which expands voting laws. Lawmakers passed it in an effort to boost participation.
By Katie Meyer

Philly-area volunteers join final New Hampshire primary blitz with extra urgency

Dozens of volunteers made the long trip from the Philadelphia region to New Hampshire over the weekend to try to sway the outcome of Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation Democratic primary.

By Nicholas Pugliese/WHYY