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Updated: June 29, 2020 | 6:10 pm

Trump campaign sues Pennsylvania over mail-in voting and other election issues

Lancaster County Commissioner Ray D’Agostino says the changes sought by the lawsuit seem fair to him at first blush.
By Emily Previti

A Philly poll watcher got coronavirus, but the city isn’t notifying voters

Few counties in Pennsylvania report having a plan in place to alert voters, election workers, others of possible COVID-19 exposure at the polls.
By Emily Previti and Katie Meyer/WHYY

Updated: May 28, 2020 | 11:50 pm

Judge orders Pennsylvania to launch new voting method for visually impaired voters for next week’s primary

This approach would require the use of assistive technology, such as screen readers or the ability to update refreshable braille displays.

By Emily Previti

Federal judge tosses Jill Stein’s effort to decertify Philly’s voting machines

2016 Green Party presidential candidate argued the ExpressVote XL machine was vulnerable to hacking and failed to comply with a 2018 legal settlement
By Benjamin Pontz

Super Tuesday still paperless for many voters

Pa.'s commitment to paper ballots in every county stands in contrast to states like MA, OK, TN and TX
By Emily Previti

$90M bond issue for voting machines clears state financing agency

Market volatility could help Pa. land favorable financing terms
By Emily Previti

Updated: February 21, 2020 | 4:45 pm

State officials unclear on backup plan if federal courts decertify voting machine

Besides the voting system targeted by this lawsuit, others with similar characteristics could be affected by a decertification ruling.
By Emily Previti

What does it take to run an election?

30+ states require specific training for election officials; Pennsylvania doesn’t
By Emily Previti

Counties don’t see election reform money in governor’s proposed budget

Voting machine reimbursement is in the FY2021 fiscal plan, but not direct funding for Act 77.
By Emily Previti