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State election officials urge swift legislative action on voting reforms

Changes to state law need to be effective by early September if counties are to implement them in time for the general election.
By Emily Previti

Pennsylvania covering prepaid return postage for mailed ballots

The Pennsylvania Department of State is still working out the logistical details., but officials expect costs won’t exceed $3 million statewide.
By Emily Previti

Pennsylvania is becoming more racially diverse. And that could be a big deal for the 2020 election.

Demographic data shows if PresidentTrump intends to capture the commonwealth again this year, he can’t rely on the same coalition he relied on four years ago.
By Katie Meyer/WHYY

A Philly poll watcher got coronavirus, but the city isn’t notifying voters

Few counties in Pennsylvania report having a plan in place to alert voters, election workers, others of possible COVID-19 exposure at the polls.
By Emily Previti and Katie Meyer/WHYY

Provisional ballots adding to delay in Pennsylvania primary results

More voters cast provisional ballots Tuesday because they hadn't received their mailed ballot or feared it wouldn't make the return deadline.
By Emily Previti

Coronavirus precautions and protests create problems but fail to disrupt Pa.’s primary election

The challenge now: Counting nearly 2 million mail-in ballots. Final results may take a week to tabulate
By Emily Previti

For some black voters in the midstate, a vote is a call for change

Some black voters pointed to ongoing protests against police brutality and the coronavirus pandemic as reasons to get to the polls. 

By Rachel McDevitt and Brett Sholtis

Updated: June 1, 2020 | 6:51 pm

Your questions about voting in the Pennsylvania primary, answered

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about voting changes for the 2020 primary, background on what led to some of the major changes, and what Pennsylvanians might expect to see changed for the Nov. 3 general election. 

By Emily Previti

Primary becomes referendum on Daylin Leach’s behavior, harassment allegations

His challenger, Amanda Cappelletti, said she agrees with many of Leach’s positions.
By Katie Meyer/WHYY

Election 2020: Groups reach out to Spanish-speaking voters amid new mail-in process, coronavirus pandemic

Some groups trying to get Spanish-speaking voters to turn out face more obstacles than usual.

By Alanna Elder