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New voting systems about to launch in more than half of Pennsylvania counties

The vast majority of Pa. voters will fill out ballots by hand Nov. 5; in the past, direct-recording electronic machines dominated.
By Emily Previti

Pa. House plans to give Wolf more than he bargained for in voting machine bill

"We want to be helpful to the county commissioners with these voting machines."
By Katie Meyer

Trump tells adoring central Pa. crowd he’ll win easily in 2020

“I think he’s done a lot more than any of the presidents he followed."
By David Wenner/PennLive

Get ready for Montgomery County’s new modern voting system: Paper ballots

Each Pennsylvania county must pick which pre-approved system they’ll adopt by the end of this year.
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Merit selection supporters trying to woo votes from competing amendment to overhaul judicial elections

Members of the GOP-controlled House say regional elections have so far had an edge when the caucus has whipped votes.

By Katie Meyer

Pa. House settles on rural-friendly path for updating judicial elections

"We should have diverse opinions from the vast diversity of Pennsylvania come into play when the courts are applying those statutes."
By Katie Meyer

Pa. Republicans are counting on Trump exceptionalism in 2020

"There are a lot of Democrat votes that vote for Donald Trump that aren't necessarily translating yet to the down-ticket."
By Katie Meyer

Pa. is spending millions on election security, but the effort has its critics

"We are not fighting this battle alone.”
By Jan Murphy/PennLive

What, us worry? Pennsylvania conservatives say they like their odds going into the 2020 election cycle

The conservative activists populating the 2019 PA Leadership Conference say they see a clear path to a repeat Donald Trump win in Pennsylvania in 2020.

By Charles Thompson/PennLive