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Erie community college gets greenlight from state Board of Education

“This is a giant step forward."
By Ed Mahon

Three-day suspension for Erie officer who kicked protester

"In my view, it can’t be minimized and it can’t be justified. ...I think that he’s just going too far to protect one of his men.”
By Ed Mahon

A weekend of protests and riots shines light on police tactics

It's time (again) for a hard look at policing
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Erie woman who was kicked by police officer says, ’I was 100 percent peaceful’ 

Video of the incident has gone viral.
By Ed Mahon

‘Our lost summer’ — Voices from Erie

America Amplified: Audio diaries from the pandemic
By Ed Mahon

Voices of the pandemic

America Amplified wants you to shape our election reporting
By Ed Mahon

State Board of Education plans virtual hearing in June on Erie’s bid for a community college

“It’s time to get this done and decided, and please don’t delay any longer.”
By Ed Mahon