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Free speech and firearms raise tensions in suburban Pennsylvania

A protest last week in Wyomissing was an example of how fear — fear of Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa, fear of an authoritarian police state, fear of neighbors who may sympathize with the “other” — has driven Americans to arm themselves.

By Anthony Orozco

Pa. House passes bill to exempt guns from restrictions imposed during emergency declarations

“I really don’t think there’s reason for the governor to have this power over guns. We are given the ability to keep and bear arms by the Constitution.”
By Ed Mahon

‘I’m an essential business’: Gun shops in Pa. packed ahead of coronavirus closures

“People are buying it like they’re buying toilet paper. I guess they went out and got toilet paper first, now they’re buying ammo.”
By Jen Kinney/Keystone Crossroads

Pa. gun rights groups marked key victories in 2019

The GOP legislature and courts were in their corner
By Ed Mahon

In PA and beyond, polling shows key suburban voters want gun reform

One GOP-conducted survey shows 72 percent of women from the suburbs favor stricter gun laws
By Katie Meyer

Updated: August 16, 2019 | 4:37 pm

Gov. Tom Wolf signs executive order on gun violence

The order includes nearly two dozen actions, such as sharing gun violence data with other states and expanding programs to spot warning signs for potential mass shooters and monitoring hate groups.

By Ed Mahon and Brett Sholtis

Updated: August 14, 2019 | 10:46 pm

Philly shooting prompts Gov. Wolf to delay gun violence executive order

He planned to sign the order on Thursday.
By Ed Mahon and Brett Sholtis