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‘A horrible challenge’: York Regional EMS chief worried about supply of N95 masks

“Nobody knew of this until a couple of months ago. ... By then, it was already too late to try and prepare."
By Keira McGuire

Coronavirus will accelerate EMS crisis in Pa.’s small towns and rural areas, experts say

“I can’t even see the enemy on this one to worry about my people. I worry about it constantly.”
By Wallace McKelvey/PennLive

A day in the life of an EMS provider battling the coronavirus

“That's always in the back of your head, that at some point you're going to get sick.”
By Keira McGuire

Following firefighter’s death, a push to address trauma among first responders

Firefighters and police are five times more likely than the overall population to develop PTSD and depression, yet only about 4 percent of departments have suicide prevention programs.

By Brett Sholtis

House moves to exempt volunteer fire companies from open records requests

The decision, which prompted debate Tuesday, is part of an effort to bolster struggling first-responders.
By Katie Meyer

Kids of first responders find calm, security in the company of horses

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy in Northeast Philadelphia is known for adapting horseback riding for children and adults with physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities.

By Trenae Nuri/WHYY

Proposals call for more resources for emergency responders in Pa.

"Our goal is to make sure these men and women are getting the treatment they need."
By Brett Sholtis

Lawmaker on Pa. firefighter issues, ‘I’m telling you we are in a crisis right now’

More than 90 percent of the state’s nearly 2,500 fire companies are volunteer organizations
By Jan Murphy/PennLive