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Disbanding local police is common in Pa. But it’s caused larger problems for State Police

Pennsylvania State Police provide coverage for municipalities across the state that don’t have their own departments. That makes any talk of defunding police more complicated.

By Joseph Darius Jaafari

‘They’re peaceful’: Pa. State Police release dashcam video from I-676 protest tear-gassing

The footage does not appear to otherwise corroborate accounts of violence circulated by Mayor Jim Kenney’s office in justification of the tear-gassing.
By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

Three-day suspension for Erie officer who kicked protester

"In my view, it can’t be minimized and it can’t be justified. ...I think that he’s just going too far to protect one of his men.”
By Ed Mahon

Lebanon police link arms, decline to kneel, with protesters

As mourners gathered in Minneapolis for George Floyd’s memorial Thursday, demonstrators in Lebanon spoke out against racism and police brutality on the streets of their community. The most provocative moment for many came about an hour in to the gathering and lasted just two minutes.

By Alanna Elder

York protesters, city leaders try to stay focused on reform

Mayor Michael Helfrich: 'Make them report about our message'
By Ed Mahon

Updated: June 3, 2020 | 6:21 pm

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf marches with George Floyd demonstrators in Harrisburg

Wolf spoke briefly to the crowd, telling them, “We need to stop racism now.”
By Cynthia Fernandez/Spotlight PA

Police reforms proposed after Antwon Rose’s killing have languished in Pa. Will now be any different?

The death of George Floyd has reignited a push by Democrats, but without Republicans the measures don’t stand a chance.

By Cynthia Fernandez/Spotlight PA