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UPMC hearing gives glimpse into bitter Highmark feud

Two days, three witnesses and hundreds of pages of exhibits all boil down to one question: Did UPMC agree to a clause that would give the state a chance to extend its 2014 agreement with UPMC and Highmark?

By Brett Sholtis

Plan for Pennsylvania to take over health insurance marketplace gaining ground

Pennsylvania pays the federal government about $94 million a year to run the marketplace, state Rep. Bryan Cutler said. With the proposal, Pennsylvania would use technology other states have already shown to be effective to run the marketplace at a much lower cost, which he estimated to be about $35 million annually. 

By Brett Sholtis

Report: Nationwide increase in uninsured children, while Pa. shows slight decrease

In Pennsylvania, 125,000 people 19 or younger didn't have health insurance in 2017
By Brett Sholtis