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‘We did it, and we can do it’: A Bucks County Rosie helps fight a new foe

“This virus is actually like another war, and we’ve gotta pull together if we’re gonna conquer it.”

By Zachariah Hughes/WHYY

Pharmacist, know thyself: University of the Sciences discovers its own history

After 200 years of collecting things related to the science and business of pharmacology, the Philadelphia university is not quite sure what it has in its collection.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

As Mother Bethel burial ground gets historical marker, community reflects on those forgotten

The Bethel Burying Ground is considered one of the country’s first independent cemeteries for free African-Americans.

By Emily Scott/WHYY

App developed in central Pa. aims to connect people with communities

Two midstate app developers hope their product will help people explore and feel more connected to their communities.

By Rachel McDevitt

D-Day 75 years later: Ernie Pyle’s The Horrible Waste of War

"On the beach lay, expended, sufficient men and mechanism for a small war. They were gone forever now."
By Ernie Pyle/Indiana University School of Journalism

D-Day 75 years later: Ernie Pyle’s A Pure Miracle

"Our first waves were on that beach for hours, instead of a few minutes, before they could begin working inland."
By Ernie Pyle/Indiana University School of Journalism

D-Day 75 years later: Ernie Pyle’s A Long Thin Line Of Personal Anguish

"The strong, swirling tides of the Normandy coastline... carry soldiers’ bodies out to sea, and later they return them. They cover the corpses of heroes with sand, and then in their whims they uncover them."
By Ernie Pyle/Indiana University School of Journalism

‘Three Mile Island: As It Happened’ — a three-part podcast

Relive the moment-by-moment tensions as the nation’s worst nuclear accident unfolded at Three Mile Island in March 1979.

By Tim Lambert

Smart Talk: Author talks about Pa. pubs ‘where rabble-rousers and rum runners stirred up revolutions’

Taverns played a key role in some notable state and U.S. history
By Merideth Bucher