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Pa. keeps hospitals’ coronavirus emergency plans secret as health systems seek huge sums in tax relief, other financial help

The state Department of Health is not making hospital preparedness plans available or overseeing whether hospitals are following those plans.
By Brett Sholtis

Pa. needs another 1,000 to 1,400 ventilators, governor says. Here’s how the state is trying to find them.

As of Thursday, 130 COVID-19 patients in Pennsylvania had required treatment with a ventilator, though that number is expected to rise as cases increase.
By Brett Sholtis

How many Pennsylvanians with coronavirus will need hospitalization?

Predictions of hospital patient loads run for dire to manageable
By Russ Walker

Pa. hospitals are rationing protective gear as the number of coronavirus cases grows

The rationing comes as the state Department of Health maintains that it has personal protective equipment available and is working with health systems to make sure they have what they need
By Brett Sholtis

‘They’re bursting at the seams’: As Hahnemann closes labor unit, concerns over lack of maternity wards in Philly

Philadelphia area nurses, midwives and other medical providers said the loss of a hospital like Hahnemann that takes many low-income, Medicaid-dependent patients is unfathomable.

By Emily Scott/WHYY

Struggling rural hospitals in Pa. to test new funding model

"The current incentives in the health care system are not appropriate for keeping our community healthy." 
By Brett Sholtis