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Updated: July 31, 2020 | 12:45 pm

Immigration activists stage Wednesday night protest outside Pennsylvania governor’s mansion

Sunrise Movement protesters used a projector to display statements of immigrant families being held in the Berks County Residential Center. The statements described the emotional cost of family detention and reported the center’s failure to take precautions against the spread of coronavirus.

By Anthony Orozco

‘I don’t think it has hit me yet’ — DACA decision a cause for celebration

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program protects about 5,000 immigrants in Pennsylvania.
By Anthony Orozco

Judge orders 22 people in detention centers in York and Pike counties to be released due to risk from COVID-19

U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III ordered the immediate release of 22 people from the York County Prison and Pike County Correctional facility.

By Staff

‘Extraordinary times’: Advocates call for closure of immigrant detention centers for coronavirus

“There is absolutely no reason they should not shut down the prison.”
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

ACLU sues over Jim Thorpe traffic stop

Attorneys say they believe the stop was racially motivated. The ACLU’s client was detained, then placed in ICE custody.
By Katie Meyer

Woman living in sanctuary at North Philly church fasting for Thanksgiving to protest ICE

Carmela Apolonio Hernandez has lived in churches since December 2017, after receiving a removal order, in an effort to avoid deportation. Immigration officials typically avoid making arrests in spaces considered sanctuaries, like churches and schools.

By Ximena Conde/WHYY

Ahead of DACA hearing, ‘Dreamers’ from Pa. set to rally in D.C.

“I feel a great social responsibility to be here, especially since I have a little cousin who can’t apply.”
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

What the Trump admin’s latest immigration move might mean for Pa.

A detention center in Berks County has been operating in a licensure limbo that could be resolved under the administration’s proposal.
By Katie Meyer

Deported from Pennsylvania, dead in Mexico: ‘What [he] feared is exactly what happened’

Cruz Eduardo Tinoco Salvador's appeal was denied, and last month, he was found dead in central Mexico
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY