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What the Trump admin’s latest immigration move might mean for Pa.

A detention center in Berks County has been operating in a licensure limbo that could be resolved under the administration’s proposal.
By Katie Meyer

Deported from Pennsylvania, dead in Mexico: ‘What [he] feared is exactly what happened’

Cruz Eduardo Tinoco Salvador's appeal was denied, and last month, he was found dead in central Mexico
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Pa., N.J. health experts warn new Trump immigration rule will increase uninsured

“For the past year almost, we’ve seen the fear, the anxiety, folks not signing up their kids for coverage.”
By Nina Feldman/WHYY

Two Democratic Pa. congresswomen make surprise visit to Berks’ immigrant detention facility

They say conditions are mostly adequate, but that 'a golden cage is still a cage'
By Katie Meyer

Warning of danger to children, psychologists urge Wolf to close detention center

Wolf maintains he cannot prove in court that families at the Berks Family Residential Center are in immediate danger. A group of academics says they are.
By Katie Meyer

In a change of heart, a Berks County commissioner moves to oust ICE

"There is a fear that the federal government is changing the immigration landscape in a negative way."
By Katie Meyer

ICE to deport Irish father-of-three after a decade in Pa.

"We just didn't think it would happen to us."
By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

It’s unclear if ICE raids will impact Pa., but advocates say they breed fear regardless

"The announcement creates fear and chaos without even having to do the follow-up. People go back in the shadows."
By Katie Meyer

North Philly center for immigrant minors stalled by Pa. appeals judge

This ruling is the latest in a five-month-long legal battle between the city of Philadelphia and the for-profit youth social services provider VisionQuest.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY