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Making the case for commutations

Pa.'s Board of Pardons vs. Lt. Gov. Fetterman
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Supporting Pa.’s most vulnerable — or not

Domestic violence, lead testing, ICE detention, food stamps
By Emily Previti

Pennsylvania VIPs hit the Big Apple

Is it time to bring the society weekend back home?
By Emily Previti

His life sentence commuted, prisoner now faces theft charges dating back to 1992

After 25 years in prison, David Sheppard received clemency for a second-degree murder charge. But he may have to go back to prison for allegedly stealing jeans in 1992.
By Katie Meyer

The lieutenant governor wants Pennsylvania to commute more lifers

John Fetterman said in recent administrations, few pardons and commutations have been made. He wants to change that.

By Katie Meyer

Recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania – what happens next?

Governor Wolf recently came out in favor of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Wolf arrived at this position following Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s 67-county listening tour. As part of the tour, Fetterman participated in town-hall style meetings to gauge the support for legalizing marijuana and found that of those who “voiced their opinions, the majority supported legalization.”  

By Merideth Bucher

Pa. second lady Gisele Fetterman: From ‘invisible’ undocumented immigrant to loud, proud advocate

Her experience informs everything she does. Growing up in a home headed by a single mom who struggled to make ends meet, she is guided by the desire to offer programs that might help single and working moms, and low-income families.

By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive

Governor Wolf: The people want weed

For the first time, the governor is throwing his support behind fully legalizing marijuana. Republicans say they’re skeptical.

By Katie Meyer

Republicans: If Fetterman breaks rules again, we can remove him from presiding over the Senate

After a blowout on the Senate floor, GOP members say the lieutenant governor has 'scarred' the chamber
By Katie Meyer

Pa. Senate session devolves into shouting as GOP repeals cash assistance

"Mr. President you are becoming a partisan hack. Do your job Mr. President."
By Katie Meyer