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New police reform law exempts officer disciplinary records database from public disclosure

Second measure signed by Gov. Wolf is aimed at ensuring mental health checks for officers
By Ed Mahon

Reading the fine print of police use-of-force policies

What citizens should know about how police are trained
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Police brutality allegations rock Bradford after chief is caught on video macing handcuffed suspect

“He’s just kind of created this reputation for himself of being a bully, abusing his powers, using excessive force."
By Min Xian/WPSU

Police use of force and the public’s right to know

Too many Pa. police depts. won't publish use-of-force policies
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Some police departments say publicizing use-of-force policies builds trust. Others say the public can’t be trusted

Killing of George Floyd on Memorial Day heightens calls for transparency in how police in Pennsylvania are trained
By Joseph Darius Jaafari and Ed Mahon

Effort to track police use of force in Pa. would lack racial data, public transparency

The Senate on Wednesday approved a bill to require use-of-force tracking and reporting, but critics contend it falls short of broader efforts elsewhere.
By Cynthia Fernandez/Spotlight PA

‘They’re peaceful’: Pa. State Police release dashcam video from I-676 protest tear-gassing

The footage does not appear to otherwise corroborate accounts of violence circulated by Mayor Jim Kenney’s office in justification of the tear-gassing.
By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

Pa. House committee advances two police reform bills

Action comes one week after Black Caucus members led protest on House floor
By Ed Mahon

13 ideas to improve policing in Pennsylvania

At least 2 will be considered by a legislative panel next week
By Ed Mahon