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  • "Who stands to profit from the sale of voting machines in PA? How is voting machine certification done?" Submitted by Glenn
  • "We now have a state bicycle official, when will we see any benefit from this full time position?" Submitted by Eric

Here are more topics and questions we have already covered:

Five reasons Pa.’s school property taxes are so hard to kill

A 66-year-old homeowner in Schuylkill County wanted to know what keeps these taxes in force. We looked into it.
By Ed Mahon

Shrinking the PA legislature? It’s possible, but unlikely.

In order to change the size of the House or Senate, the chambers would have to sign off on a constitutional amendment. That means passing identical versions of a bill in two consecutive legislative sessions, then having voters approve it in a statewide referendum.

By Katie Meyer

A $45,000 minimum salary for teachers, explained

Gov. Wolf’s proposal could lessen teacher turnover, one rural district superintendent said. But one critics worries about the potential ‘ripple-up’ effect.

By Ed Mahon

Is this the year Pa. gives LGBTQ+ people discrimination protection? ‘A lot has changed,’ one lawmaker says.

A long-stalled bill would prohibit work and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Its supporters say this time around, it might actually have a shot.

By Katie Meyer

Cost of shutdown in Pa. shows potential impact if it happens again

Most extensive effects would hit if a shutdown lasted 90 days
By Emily Previti

The regions of Pennsylvania, defined by Pennsylvanians

According to our survey, the most commonly used terms to define the regions of Pennsylvania are Central Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mountains, Western Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

By Lisa Wardle

Through the Cracks mental health series: Share your stories and questions

Through The Cracks will draw on experts and first-hand accounts to target problems and break down stigma associated with mental health.

By Brett Sholtis

Episode 6: Countdown to the midterms

How voter registration is shaking out in the commonwealth and why any inroads Democrats make in Congress probably won’t extend to state House and Senate races.
By Katie Meyer