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Here are more topics and questions we have already answered:

The regions of Pennsylvania, defined by Pennsylvanians

According to our survey, the most commonly used terms to define the regions of Pennsylvania are Central Pennsylvania, the Pocono Mountains, Western Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

By Lisa Wardle

Through the Cracks mental health series: Share your stories and questions

Through The Cracks will draw on experts and first-hand accounts to target problems and break down stigma associated with mental health.

By Brett Sholtis

What do you call the regions of Pennsylvania?

We’re all Pennsylvanians. But we don’t always agree on what to call parts of the commonwealth. Tell us your region names — and we’ll create a map that defines the state in your words.

By Lisa Wardle

Curious or concerned about an energy issue? Ask us — and see what we’ve already answered

A reader asked how first responders are supposed to know what to do if a pipeline leaks or ruptures. Another reader wondered whether companies have to take old unused lines out of the ground. StateImpact Pennsylvania reporters checked out both questions.

By Scott Blanchard