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This mental health law passed with broad support. Why aren’t counties using it?

One county mental health administrator said the way the law was written makes it 'impossible' for counties to take advantage of it.
By Brett Sholtis

Cough, cough! What’s up with the air quality alerts?

A Context reader seeks answers through our Listening Post
By Russ Walker

Have you been locked up during winter? We want to hear about your experience

We want you — or your loved ones — to let us know about living conditions in jails and prisons in Pennsylvania.

By Staff

Why we watch how campaigns are waged

The staff at PA Post knows we are heading into a contentious election year. While our focus is on covering policy and how government actions affect Pennsylvania citizens, we’ll also be watching the messages and campaign tactics of both parties.

By Russ Walker and Emily Previti

Will Pa. ever ban smoking in all bars?

One Republican state senator from Erie County hopes so.
By Ed Mahon

This is what happened to the more than $4 billion Pennsylvania Lottery sold in games last year

The AARP of Pennsylvania opposes spending the money on Medicaid programs.
By Ed Mahon

Here’s who makes money from the voting machine requirement for Pa. counties — and how those decisions are being made

As of early May, 18 counties picked ES&S at an estimated total cost of $48 million.
By Emily Previti and Ed Mahon

How we write The Context

By Emily Previti