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Recreational marijuana laws put on hold by NJ and NY. What’s that mean for Pennsylvania?

Key lawmakers say what does or doesn’t happen in New York and New Jersey doesn’t affect their thinking on what should happen here.
By Jan Murphy, PennLive

Recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania: What should legalization look like?

Various proposals are circulating around Harrisburg, including one bill that would allow marijuana consumption by anyone over 21 years old, allow private citizens to grow up to six plants for personal use and create a path toward expunging past criminal convictions.

By Wallace McKelvey, PennLive

Pot company’s claims lead to a state inquiry over medical marijuana licensing rules

Harvest Health created seven separate companies — most of them limited liability companies with different ownership groups — to hold dispensary licenses in regions around the state.

By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Why legalize weed in Pa.? Poll respondents say it’s a sign of the times.

In 2006, only 22 percent of respondents favored legalization. Since then, the number has ballooned to 56 percent.
By Katie Meyer

In one rural Pa. county, some pushback to legalizing marijuana

The lieutenant governor stopped in Somerset County Thursday night
By Ed Mahon

Support for legal marijuana defies party politics in Pa. — among residents, not lawmakers

“I don’t think there’s any chance this passes this session."
By Bobby Allyn, WHYY

Lots of support for legal weed at Fetterman’s first town hall stop

More than 100 people crowded into the Harrisburg Jewish Federation to voice their opinions
By Katie Meyer

The first stop on Fetterman’s marijuana tour? Harrisburg.

In the last few months, Gov. Wolf has said he's taking cues from other states as they move to legalize recreational marijuana
By Katie Meyer

Is the time right for Pa. to legalize pot?

‘Let’s think about this,’ says Sen. Daylin Leach
By Jan Murphy, PennLive