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Lifting the stigma

Police reform law aimed at providing mental health care to officers
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Philly area mental health professionals offer free therapy for health care workers

“Our staff has decided to offer free teletherapy to those in the health care field dealing with the coronavirus outbreak."
By Maiken Scott/WHYY

Berks County group offers help to first responders who witness tragedy

Kindall Wann founded the Berks County Fire Chaplains Network last July, after learning first responders are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty.

By Rachel McDevitt

Following firefighter’s death, a push to address trauma among first responders

Firefighters and police are five times more likely than the overall population to develop PTSD and depression, yet only about 4 percent of departments have suicide prevention programs.

By Brett Sholtis

This mental health law passed with broad support. Why aren’t counties using it?

One county mental health administrator said the way the law was written makes it 'impossible' for counties to take advantage of it.
By Brett Sholtis

Governor Wolf promises action on mental health, but doesn’t say how it will be funded

The governor's office says the plan is "aimed at expanding resources" as well as fighting stigma, but said it's too early to talk funding or structure.
By Brett Sholtis

For some, the holidays aren’t the most wonderful time of the year

Here comes the sun ... and there it goes
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

Mental health groups push to restore $84 million in annual funding

Mental health groups lost that amount — 10 percent of the annual budget for such services — during a 2013 budget cut.

By Brett Sholtis

Criticized for cutting campus mental health counseling, Pa. community college adds new services

The college abruptly cut counseling services for students in September and did not publicly announce the move.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA

Feeling suicidal, she turned to her college. But it had just cut campus mental health services

More than a month after Pennsylvania's largest community college cut mental health counseling across its five campuses, there is still confusion about how students can access care.
By Aneri Pattani/Spotlight PA