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Norristown civil unit closure allows for forensic unit expansion

Closure of the civil unit at Norristown State Hospital is now expected to be complete by fall of this year. With those beds opening, officials say the forensic unit can expand. Forensic beds are reserved for those with a mental illness who have also committed a crime.

By Keira McGuire

Philadelphia jail offers out-of-cell therapy for inmates in solitary confinement

“With the idea the correctional system is becoming the new state hospital, it would be nice to be able to enhance the services for the seriously mentally ill in our population.”
By Nina Feldman, WHYY

Counties fight plan to nix Medicaid behavioral health model

Combining programs for mental and physical health would help patients and save taxpayers money, Phillips-Hill said. However, It would do away with a program that allows counties to apply for funds for behavioral health projects.

By Brett Sholtis

Veterans with PTSD train service dogs to take back control of their lives

Dog T.A.G.S. teaches veterans to train their own service dogs. Other than the cost of caring for the dog, there is no cost to the veteran.

By Keira McGuire

Kids of first responders find calm, security in the company of horses

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy in Northeast Philadelphia is known for adapting horseback riding for children and adults with physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities.

By Trenae Nuri, WHYY

Drop-in centers are a key mental health resource, but some counties lack them

Across the commonwealth, counties face challenges to getting drop-in centers up and running, and keeping them funded.

By Brett Sholtis

‘There’s no place for him’: One mother’s concerns about the closure of Norristown State Hospital

'I just cannot get him back. I want to get my son back.'
By Keira McGuire

Central Pa. school district says children aren’t getting needed mental health services

A York school district occupational therapist said one of every five children has symptoms that meet the diagnosis for a mental health disorder. Eighty percent go untreated.
By Brett Sholtis

The importance of personal connections: A conversation with Dr. Jesse Gill

Personal connections and meaningful relationships can have a profound impact on mental well-being.

By Brett Sholtis