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How to lower prison costs? Secretary advises medical parole.

Pennsylvania sentences a lot of people to life without the possibility of parole. Research has shown their odds of reoffending are low after years of incarceration.
By Katie Meyer

Parole system could see changes after review of murder cases

An internal review of Pennsylvania’s parole system is, in theory, acknowledging a long-standing complaint of parole agents over a long-term policy shift designed to help more parolees succeed on the outside.

By Marc Levy/The Associated Press

Updated: September 18, 2019 | 3:19 pm

A chance of freedom? New bill could release 1,000 people sentenced to life in Pa. prisons

For more than 40 years, life sentences in Pennsylvania have only come one way: without the possibility of parole.

By Aaron Moselle/WHYY

Episode 43: Without parole

If someone takes part in a crime—say, a robbery—in which someone dies, they can be handed a life sentence even if they didn’t kill anyone. And Pennsylvania locks people up for life at a higher rate than any other state.

By Katie Meyer

Department of Corrections recommends changes to monitoring parolees after recent homicides

Internal report following a string of killings allegedly by people out on parole
By Brett Sholtis

Corrections secretary cautions against ‘knee jerk’ reaction after parolee murders

Five onetime state inmates have killed six people since May. It’s unclear if there’s a pattern.
By Katie Meyer

Pa. is an outlier in life-without-parole

There's a growing push to change that.
By Katie Meyer