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Gerrymandering in Pa.: Why the risk is (still) real — and higher than in most other states

Pennsylvania’s current map was put in place last year by the state Supreme Court after it ruled the old map was an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. But nothing’s changed about the redistricting process in the state.

By Emily Previti

Questions linger over details, deadlines as Pa. Senate re-attempts redistricting overhaul

"This is the only option we have, The House isn't doing anything."
By Katie Meyer

Creating a fairer map: Pa. Redistricting Reform Commission kicks off public input tour

Gov. Wolf created the commission’s to propose ideas for how to reform the process moving forward.
By Emily Previti

Pa. Dems would have made gains even under old congressional map, analysis suggests

“The logic was that this was going to really hamper Democrats. Clearly, overall, that’s not the case.”
By Emily Previti

Stories we followed in 2018: Redistricting

Pa. got a new map, but the process of drawing the lines remains. Some will try to change that
By Emily Previti

In Pa., 381K more people voted for a Democrat for state House. But GOP kept the majority

A redistricting fight looms in the state
By Ed Mahon

Governor Wolf creates commission to study redistricting

Republican leaders in the House and Senate are dismissing the governor's executive order as "grandstanding."
By Rachel McDevitt

U.S. Supreme Court rejects GOP appeal over changes to congressional map

This most recent attempt sought to get the nation's top court to consider the matter before the 2020 election cycle.
By Emily Previti