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Newly-signed bills end time limits for child abuse victims to file criminal charges in Pennsylvania

A key part of the package still needs to pass the legislature one more time. The constitutional amendment would allow suits on expired cases for two years.
By Katie Meyer

Pa. laws keep victims silent, child sex abuse survivors say

The state Senate held a daylong hearing on bills to overhaul the statute of limitations for certain abuse cases. They’ve repeatedly stalled before, and it’s unclear if anything has changed. 
By Katie Meyer

Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg sued for conspiracy, fraud related to child abuse

"You have to ask yourself, Why is every diocese in the country dealing with child sex abuse?"
By Katie Meyer

Catholic Church lobbying costs spiked in Pa. as statute of limitations debate raged

The Catholic Church spent more on lobbying efforts in Pennsylvania than in seven other northeastern U.S. states combined, according to a recent report covering 2011-2018.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Deadline looms for victims of clergy sex abuse to file for compensation settlements with Harrisburg Diocese

Private settlements to individual victims will be determined by the fund administrator.
By Ivey DeJesus/PennLive

Diocese of Harrisburg claims unwed, pregnant teacher wants court to invade religious autonomy of the church

The doctrine states in part the employee does not engage in unchaste behavior or procreation outside the marriage and that includes cohabitation.
By John Beauge/PennLive

Pennsylvania victims aren’t invited, but will be represented at Vatican conference on clergy sex abuse

“They might not let us in, but I’m going to be banging really hard on that door.”
By Charles Thompson/PennLive

Harrisburg joins other Pa. Roman Catholic dioceses in opening fund to compensate sex abuse victims

Any assault survivor who has already identified themselves to the Harrisburg diocese will be able to file claims through May 13.
By Katie Meyer

Harrisburg Catholics seeking answers after clergy sex abuse scandal pack ‘listening session’

“Why was this allowed to go on for so long and how can it get better?”
By Christine Vendel/PennLive