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When it comes to grading teachers in Pa., test scores could carry less weight

“I think it will ensure greater creativity and innovation for teachers to do best what they do in the classroom – to creatively instruct."
By Jan Murphy, PennLive

Harrisburg school board election: Voters speak for change. Will state beat them to the punch?

“Anybody who would let things get so bad that they’re threatening (state) receivership is not doing a good job."
By Charles Thompson, PennLive

Harrisburg tops the state in teacher turnover: Five former teachers explain why

“The teachers are the ones attempting to do the right thing. But if they get no support, what good are you?”
By Christine Vendel, PennLive

Equity advocates criticize Wolf’s plan to boost teacher salaries in Pa.

“I do not believe that a $22,000 starting salary is fair for someone who’s in charge of educating your children.”
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads

Erie school nurse says she loves her job, but the salary is ‘like a nightmare’

Bridgette May has a salary under $45,000 a year.
By Ed Mahon

Wolf’s plan to boost teacher salaries faces bipartisan skepticism in state House

“I am concerned with that ripple effect. Someone’s going to have to come up with the money to cover those additional salary increases.”
By Avi Wolfman-Arent, Keystone Crossroads

Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan, one Pa. school district would receive $693,000 to raise teacher salaries

In a searchable database, you can see how much your school district would receive
By Ed Mahon

In Pa. coal country, debate flares over arming teachers to prevent school shootings

“Most teachers are not for other teachers carrying firearms. This is not what we signed up for.”
By Jen Kinney, Keystone Crossroads