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‘Time Served’ looks at how criminal justice system treats veterans

Plus: U.S. Supreme Court won't intervene to block Gov. Wolf's closure order
By Joseph Darius Jaafari

‘Time Served’: Two very different ways that prisons and courts help some veterans

A new PA Post documentary looks at how some veterans get treatment instead of incarceration.

By Joseph Darius Jaafari

‘Finally at rest’: Unclaimed veterans buried with help from a former Pa. coroner’s office intern and reporters

Washington Crossing National Cemetery in Bucks County performs military burials for veterans whose remains were never claimed. This service for the “unattended” started almost a decade ago.

By Ximena Conde/WHYY

How a Pennsylvania man ended up in an iconic D-Day invasion photo

The name of this balding, waterlogged soldier on Omaha Beach in Normandy has only been known to a select few. It turns out, he was from Pennsylvania.

By Tim Lambert

As number of American Legion posts dwindle across Pa., top brass seeking new members

“We want (veterans) to know that we’re thinking about them."
By Ximena Conde/WHYY

Veterans with PTSD train service dogs to take back control of their lives

Dog T.A.G.S. teaches veterans to train their own service dogs. Other than the cost of caring for the dog, there is no cost to the veteran.

By Keira McGuire

After 53-year fight, the central Pa. family of a black Vietnam veteran finally finds closure

India Garnett noted her brother was one of 22 U.S. soldiers who died in that battle. At that time, many veterans were overlooked, especially those from black or minority families.

By Brett Sholtis