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Updated: February 21, 2020 | 4:45 pm

State officials unclear on backup plan if federal courts decertify voting machine

Besides the voting system targeted by this lawsuit, others with similar characteristics could be affected by a decertification ruling.
By Emily Previti

What does it take to run an election?

30+ states require specific training for election officials; Pennsylvania doesn’t
By Emily Previti

Pennsylvanians can now apply online to vote by mail, without an excuse

The new application website comes courtesy of Act 77, which expands voting laws. Lawmakers passed it in an effort to boost participation.
By Katie Meyer

Counties don’t see election reform money in governor’s proposed budget

Voting machine reimbursement is in the FY2021 fiscal plan, but not direct funding for Act 77.
By Emily Previti

Pa.’s election head says voting overhauls will make 2020 primary tough for counties

Thanks to a package of new laws, county officials will likely have to count more absentee ballots and register more voters.  
By Katie Meyer

Groups challenging voting machine switch gears, counties remain in limbo

More than 2 million voters in three counties will remain in limbo a bit longer after a voting machine lawsuit changed course late Friday.

By Emily Previti

Auditor, Department of State clash over voter roll issues

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says he found tens of thousands of discrepancies in a review of county registration records. But the department says he’s overstating the issue.
By Katie Meyer

State officials break silence on controversial ExpressVote XL voting machine

They laid out their position in 418 pages of affidavits, copies of emails and other documents filed in response to plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit.
By Emily Previti