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Election upgrades could come with hidden costs for Pa. taxpayers

Already facing $100M+ in upfront costs for machines, counties struggle to pin vendors down on pricing for software updates
By Emily Previti

With state deadline in sight, Pa. voters test out new machines

Dauphin County hosted five vendors on Tuesday night.
By Ed Mahon

In Gov. Tom Wolf’s home county, criticism over new voting machine requirement

New machines are expected to cost about $1.4 million in York County -- that's lower than an earlier estimate
By Ed Mahon

Pa. Dems would have made gains even under old congressional map, analysis suggests

“The logic was that this was going to really hamper Democrats. Clearly, overall, that’s not the case.”
By Emily Previti

State senators plot election law shake-up

One proposal would get rid of the requirement that voters provide an excuse in order to vote absentee.
By Katie Meyer

After commitment to update voting machines, Pa. has to decide how to pay

All told, replacing the state's voting machines is expected to cost around $110 million.
By Katie Meyer

Tina Davis concedes her Senate race, but challenges to Pa. election policy live on

The race between Davis and incumbent Republican Tommy Tomlinson got more than 108,000 votes overall, but the margin was ultimately just 74.
By Katie Meyer